01. So Resolved

New Year, new plans. If you read my opening blog post, I talked about how this was the beginning of something. Of what, I wasn’t particularly sure, but a beginning nonetheless. I composed that blog just before the end of December, and published the morning of New Year’s Day. It seemed fitting to begin an endeavor on a day symbolically tied to ‘new beginnings.’

I’ve never been a fan of New Years Resolutions. The few times I’ve tried making them, I’ve failed miserably. I have a ton of respect for those who are able to follow through – my wife, among them – but for me it’s never been something I’ve put much weight behind.

Motivation is the key. While I’m a quick learner and can certainly put energy into worthwhile endeavors, motivation has always been an Achilles Heel, especially finding ways to motivate myself. Self-starter, I am not, as parents and teachers could well attest to.

So what’s to keep me blogging, or going to work everyday, or building a successful marriage? If I can’t find it within myself to push me toward my goals, then what will be my drive?

You. Yes, you, my dear reader on the other side of whatever electronic device you might happen to be perusing. It’s not the clicks, or admiration for my eloquence, or some faint praise someone might happen to give me over social media that motivates, but rather the dialogue that comes from expressing ones self, pouring oneself out before others, and learning from them in the process.

This year is one I hope is full of learning. Learning to be more compassionate for those who I don’t understand fully. How to treat those I care for, especially the wife I adore, with the respect and trust that they have earned. Learning how I can grow in my job, my communication skills, my writing, and in new ways that perhaps I don’t even plan to grow yet.

Let’s make this a year where we motivate one another, be honest with ourselves and those near us, and grow into the people we’re called to be.

DISCUSS: What is your resolution this year? Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? If not, what are your hopes for 2017?


One thought on “01. So Resolved

  1. Great goals! I also don’t like resolutions so I prefer the term “goals” instead to look back and see how far I went to achieve those goals. Mine are to get fully out of debt besides our mortgage, talk about dreams with others instead of talking negatively about others, and growing deeper in my friendships and marriage. ☺

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