other writing

While not prolific, I have written for other online publications in the past. Here are links to those sites and to my work there:

Invisible Gamer

The first opportunity I had to write in a professional, semi-autonomous way was for the fantastic team at InvisibleGamer.net, where I served as Managing Editor and News Editor for two years. The creator of the site, my friend Michael Burns, has decided to move on from covering games, so the site sadly is no longer online. However, you can see the content I wrote for IG archived in this Google Drive folder.


For a little over a year I was the Associate PlayStation Editor for SonyRumors.net, covering all things PlayStation-related. You can find all of my work for SRN here, and follow their social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).


PSNation (or PlayStation Nation) is one of the longest running PlayStation-centric podcasts on the internet, and I briefly wrote for the team in 2012. Catch up on those scattered reviews and round-ups here, subscribe to the PSNation Podcast on iTunes and other podcast services, and follow PSNation on Twitter.